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Goethe’s Faust in Cape Town

In his solo performance,  German-Turkish stage actor Haydar Zorlu brought Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's “Faust” to the DSK on the 19th of May.
In the play, condensed into an engaging 80 minutes production, Zorlu invited the audience to probe the question of “what holds the world together” and captured his audience with every word and gesture starting with his first appearance on the stage.
His novel interpretation of one of the greatest works of German literature and his incredible solo performance made this play well worth seeing.
He understood to seamlessly flow between the three different main characters: the narrator Dr. Faust, the devil Mephisto and Gretchen, an innocent young woman. Zorlu focuses on mimicry art and styles of speaking during his performance. With language and animation, all the characters of this piece get their uniqueness. The actor was supported by the students of the Grade 8 and 9 Drama Class, led by Mrs Engelhardt who met with Zorlu the previous day for an intensive theatre workshop.
We would like to thank the German Embassy in South Africa and the German Consulate in Cape Town for their friendly support and for bringing this extraordinary play to Cape Town.
Jan Schumann

Words of Welcome

Welcome to the website of the German International School Cape Town!
At the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt (DSK) you will encounter a European culture and the most important language in Europe: German.
We teach German mother-tongue learners from grades 1-12 as well as English-speaking pupils from grades 5 -12 in two streams respectively.
A special characteristic of the DSK is the fact that our learners finish school with one of two double qualifications: They obtain either …
- the National Senior Certificate (NSC, South African qualification) and the German Language Diploma Level B2/C1
- the Combined Qualification (Combi-Stream) with NSC and German International Abitur

Our learners are educated by South African and German teachers to be independent and critical-thinking human beings, who are able to take responsibility for themselves and others.  
We encourage our pupils to develop his or her individual potential. They are socially competent, competitive team players.
The DSK is a school of mutual encounter:
It is open to all strata of the population.
Learners from diverse culture and background participate in lessons and in special activities to promote mutual understanding.
A small boarding house for pupils from Germany, who visit our grades 9 – 12, offers further opportunities for mutual exchange and encounter.

The DSK is an open full-day school with aftercare and a comprehensive range of extra-mural activities on offer. The focus of this range lies in the sectors of Music and Sports.
The DSK has modern facilities and implements modern teaching methods in order to support its learners in the best way possible.

We also care about our former pupils and teachers. To be able to inform our Alumni and friends of the DSK about events relevant to them, we need their e-mail addresses. Please register at our Alumni Portal, right after a click on this link!
We distinguish ourselves with an open and lively atmosphere and an amazing location in Cape Town.

Hermann Battenberg

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